Proyectores y elementos para la difusión de la astronomía.

Projectors and supplies for

 the astronomical learning.


Canopus is an Argentine company dedicated to promoting the science of Astronomy through its production of various astronomical instruments including lenses, telescopes, inflatable dome planetariums, and projectors.

Canopus began manufacturing hand made reflector telescopes in 1989 and soon was producing more than 100 instruments a year. The company also organizes astronomy observing programs and takes telescopes to cities throughout Argentina to teach and promote astronomy.

In 1994, Canopus introduced its first Japanese manufactured planetarium, a small and versatile projector that served schools and colleges for several years in advancing the science of astronomy.

In 2001, Canopus began designing its own transportable planetarium. After a lengthy development stage requiring knowledge of graphics design, celestial cartography, and both electronic and mechanical controls, the result was the CANOPUS stellar projector that accurately represents the celestial sphere.

Thanks to hard work, dedication, and the expertise of our production staff and operating departments, our company introduced the CANOPUS planetarium system to the international market. It is a superior product offered at an affordable price.

During these opening years of the 21st Century, our company proudly reflects back to its early beginnings in 1994 with multidisciplinary instrument to foster astronomical education - the CANOPUS astronomical projector.


Over the years, the installation of permanent planetariums in many of the world’s big cities has an effective way to introduce the ‘local’ population to astronomy. Unfortunately big planetariums, while well suited to display stars and planets, have an important disadvantage. They cannot serve the majority of the population in their respective countries. Those people often find it inconvenient, sometimes impossible, to travel to the ‘big’ city once they have weighed the costs, distances, and the time involved.

Canopus solved that problem with the introduction of small, mobile planetariums. The CANOPUS system also presents the grandeur of the night sky in much the same way its larger, immobile ‘cousins’ do. However, Canopus planetarium systems do it at a significantly lesser cost. In addition, Canopus has the advantage of being easily transportable anywhere and anytime.

There is yet one more benefit. Owning a portable planetarium gives schools, universities, astronomy clubs, lecturers, even local municipalities, a way to increase their revenue as a profitable business.

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